If you use my data in your own research please cite the original paper as indicated and state the name and version number of the dataset. If you cannot and would like to get access to the dataset please contact me.

Historical Index of Ethnic Fractionalization Dataset (HIEF), Version 2.0

Please cite as: Drazanova, Lenka. 2020. Introducing the Historical Index of Ethnic Fractionalization (HIEF) Dataset: Accounting for Longitudinal Changes in Ethnic Diversity. Journal of Open Humanities Data, 6(1), p.6. DOI:

The Historical Index of Ethnic Fractionalization (HIEF) dataset contains an ethnic fractionalization index for 162 countries across all continents. The dataset covers annually the period 1945-2013. The ethnic fractionalization index corresponds to the probability that two randomly drawn individuals within a country are not from the same ethnic group. The new dataset is a natural extension of previous ethnic fractionalization indices and it allows its users to compare developments in ethnic fractionalization over time, as described in this blog post. The figure below shows the development of ethnic fractionalization (1945 – 2013) in a sample of European countries.