Dražanová, Lenka. (2017). Education and Tolerance: A Comparative Quantitative Analysis of the Educational Effect on Tolerance. Bern, Switzerland: Peter Lang.

In my book, I analyze quantitatively cross-national variations in the effect of education on social and political tolerance based on a large-scale survey. I ask to what extent the effect of education on political and social tolerance varies cross-nationally and I give an inventory of micro- and macro-level factors moderating this effect. The empirical analysis is based on comparative surveys (World Value Survey) across 24 and 33 countries at two time-points. I argue that education contributes to more tolerant views only in countries with certain political, socio-economic and cultural backgrounds and I identify individual-level and country-level factors that may influence the relationship between education and tolerance. Results indicate that the positive effect of education does not always overcome the negative effects of personality characteristics and low socio-economic status.

The book can be found at Peter Lang or Amazon.

You can also read a book-review-by-Fumika-Nishida (in Japanese).